About Us

Matavita is a team of 2 passionate hard-workers that hate seeing their favorite animal put through so much pain. What poachers are doing to the elephant population is tragic....

And believe it or not, we both used to feel helpless about it - as if nothing we did would make any difference.

That was until we realized that anyone could raise awareness about this cruelty. And what better way to do that than to turn something so cruel into something so beautiful! 💚 🕊️     

With the help of many, our signature range of jewelry now funds the removal of snare traps in Africa. Hopefully, we can put a dramatic dent in the number of elephants killed each year.

Please note: We are not a Charity or Non-Profit organization. Therefore we do receive some compensation for selling our jewelry. This profit is used to grow our movement and is mainly spent on product development, advertising costs and spreading more awareness about the rapid elephant decline.

$15 from each Necklace sale does go towards the removal of traps, of course!

Feel free to contact us at anytime about anything at